Chief Samson and Reverend Delilah

Book Overview

Chief Samson and Reverend Delilah tells the fictional story of residents in the town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. Readers will meet a memorable cast of diverse characters: Chief Samson, an eighty-five year old Native North American Indian chief, now legally blind; Reverend Delilah, a retired African American Baptist minister, recently hired as Chief Samson’s live-in companion; and Mrs. Fancy, a devout Roman Catholic, guarding a secret from her past and working as Chief Samson’s long time housekeeper. The book, while taking a humorous approach to the subject of prejudice, asks relevant questions about getting along in today’s world. It also emphasizes issues about cultural conflicts, community building, righteousness, and other issues readers can easily relate with.

Review Excerpt:

“Drover has written a captivating, amusing and informative narrative that will not only allow the readers to laugh and have adventures with the characters but also provide enlightenment, lessons and inspiration to the readers.”

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