The Reluctant Cougar

Book Excerpt:

         “The winter of my life has arrived and that is where my story begins. Although much of my life is behind me, being an eternal optimist leads me to believe the best is yet to come.
When I was much younger, I remember thinking that anyone over forty was ancient. As I aged, the year for being considered ancient rose accordingly. At any age, or at least for those under sixty, being in one’s seventies signified a rocking chair existence, waiting for senility to set in, if it hadn’t already done so. With enough retirement money, it could mean heading south for the winter, driving along the, “Cuetip Highway.” I am grateful that life has changed and so have many seniors. Although my life and the manner in which I live it, isn’t the perfect example of how seniors live, it’s what it is and it’s living life as I know it. Now, at seventy-three years of age, I am a twice divorced woman, wondering how to get back into life and living as a senior.”

Review Excerpt:

         “Readers will learn about the comical side of a senior woman who goes back to dating, to discover that a great lot has changed since…Drover will take readers along the heart-stopping final stretch of her search.”

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