Poetry Sampling

Although the author loved writing from an early age, prior to her book, ‘The Reluctant Cougar,” she has only published poetry. Here are four samples of Anne's poetry: 

We Are Blessed

A light fall breeze swirls among the trees

Quietly moving through the woodland behind our house

The silence is broken only by the first leaves

Gently dropping to the forest floor

Fall's early show of color delights my senses

Reminding me of the simple wonder of it all

How great is nature and the One who makes it happen

Each change of season is enough to remind us

How blessed we are

To have been chosen to share God's creation

I shall touch a leaf

Hear a bird's song

Smile at a child

Each a reminder of God's many gifts.

Rejoice Like a Child

I saw a child, a young child, romping through the open field.

Her hair was flying wildly, her limbs moving like a graceful deer.

What put that lovely smile upon her face?

Was she feeling the joy of moving freely, unencumbered by restraints?

Feeling free, even as adults, makes our hearts expand,

rejoicing in the feeling of uninhibited movement.

How do we recapture that, returning to a child's happy place?

Unfortunately, adults are held to society's rules and expectations.

Come with me, romp with me, rejoice with me, appreciate life.

Look to the sky, soar like the birds, appreciate God's blessings.

Feel no shame in enjoying the childlike pleasure of just being you.

The wind is at our backs, the sun is shining and God is smiling down.

Let us take a moment in time to remember the feelings

of just being a child.

Soon enough, we must return to our world of adulthood.

Date: October 21, 2008

Note: It's so good for each of us to take time out of our lives to remember

the joy of being a child. It teaches us to appreciate all that we have

and all that we are.

Eternal Love

The eagle dives and swoops,

lifting their hearts upon his wings,

carrying them to unknown places

where their hearts have never been.

They travel to a secret place

where two hearts go to meet.

Only they can find this spot.

It is a haven for their love,

where others can not join them.

It is a place of peace and joy.

One day, when they are old and gray,

their hearts will still take them

to this place of love,

holding fast to the gift

they will share

even to eternity.

New England's Glory

Winter's blanket slowly forms outside our window,

covering the final remnants of the green hidden beneath.

Drawing back the drapes to reveal

an ever widening stage,

my eyes turn to watch the last brave squirrels

hastening home,

prepared with acorns for their winter feasts.

Fire crackles and burns upon our hearth,

toasting our bodies like a summer sun.

As a winter chill swirls outside,/

I search the tree tops,

my eyes seeking birds' nests

once filled with chirping new life.

I notice once again the barrenness,

the stark nature

of what remains among the once

colorfully laden branches.

As more snow gathers on the wings of trees,

my mind conjures up images of figures

only I can see.

There are castles, snow geese, and white-gowned fairies

dancing among the trees.

Ah, there's the Snow Queen

greeting her subjects.

My husband stands behind me and I ask him

what he sees outside our window.

We make a game of it,

each searching the fallen snow

for imaginary characters,

dancing and parading to the song of winter.

This is New England,

where God provides us with ever changing scenery.

each season promising a distinct yet inspiring painting

for tomorrow.

More About New England's Glory

"I wrote New England’s Glory on January 21, 2013, as snow swirled outside our New England home. Soon my husband and I will leave New England to spend the remaining days of winter in Florida. Although Florida’s warmth and the appeal of ocean at our door will provide another inspiring vista, occasionally I will re-read this poem, reminding me of the beauty." - Anne Drover